Friday, December 14, 2007

Decmeber 12th Report

TCSC Symposium Proposal:

After SC07 my main target was to write a paper for the above symposium. According to their website;
"The IEEE TCSC Doctoral Symposium provides a forum for students in the area of Scalable Computing to obtain feedback on their dissertation topics and advice on initiating a research career."

I was able to draft a proposal documentation and then with lot of help from Prof. Fox and Dr. Shrideep we were able to submit it before the deadline.

I learnt a lot regarding writing papers especially in presenting ideas. Coming from the programming background, I always tend to go into details straight away. Sherideep helped me to correct this in the paper.

The paper present our plans on designing a "Scalable Framework for Collaborative Analysis of Sceintific Data" especially for data with the "composition" property. That is, the data analysis task can be broken down to set of sub analyses which can be executed concurrently and merge or combine the results of these sub analyses to form the final results.

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