Friday, April 11, 2008

April 9th Report

Platform shift for the NBC++ Bridge (Linux to Windows)

The HEP solution is taking a new turn by moving on to CherryPy and Windows. This impose a new requirement for the NaradaBrokering's C++ bridge I wrote.
Initially I did the development in Linux platform using g++ compiler. With the new requirement, I had to compile this for Windows based platforms.

Dr. Julian Bunn gave a big help by converting the C++ bridge to a DLL for windows. After doing some debugging, I was able to get NBC++ working on Windows. Another dimension for NaradaBrokering users.

Since it is hard to maintain two code repositories (one for Windows and one for Linux), I decided to merge the two source code repositories. After covering the differences with pre-compiler directives I was able to get the same code working in both Windows and Linux.

Have to finish the documentation and then I can release the new version of NBC++ soon.

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