Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 27th Report

Axis2 Hackathon June 11th to June 16th.

We started the hackathon with the intention of cleaning up the bugs list and come with some API fixes. It was a successful hackathon and we (Srinath Perera, Eran Chinthaka, Deepal Jayasinghe, Amila Suriyaarchhi, Ajith Ranabahu, Glen Daniels, and Myself) were able to fix most of the bugs whcih were labled as blockers and do some cleanup in the API as well. Axis2 has now grown into a large project and the API changes are not very straight forward as we did one year back. It is now a process of improvement plus depreciation.

An excellent presentation on API Design.

C++ Agent/Service Discovery for Clarens

I was able to get the C++ client working for the Agent Discovery. The *next step* is to get the service discovery working which require both encryption and signing of messages.

Getting the exchange of messages between java and C++ was not easy with security in place. I am using openssl libraries for the C++ client and for the java side, it is the built in cryptographic extension of JDK. However, there are compatibility issues when it comes to different versions of certificates and padding schemes. So I will write a blog with complete code samples regarding the above issues after getting that *next step* completed.

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