Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A ROOT bug when using DLLs

I have been trying to convert the ROOT & C++ program that extends the NaradaBrokering's publish/subscribe functionalities to ROOT users to Windows. I was able to convert the pure C++ part of it and the DLL works fine in Windows.

Then I tried to use the wrappers for ROOT with the generated dictionary. Code generation and the compilation all worked as expected but when I try the DLL the ROOT crashes printing garbage characters.

I track down the problem for two days and was able to reduce the problem into its minimum form.
It simply boils down to a parameter passing problem related to string values.

I then ask the question from the ROOT Talks and one of the ROOT devs, Bertrand, helped me to track down it further.

Finally, the resolution is a bug in ROOT
5.19.02. From my experiments, I know that it was also present in ROOT 5.18 as well.

Here is the full resolution in the ROOT Talk.

According to
Bertrand, there will be a new release tomorrow and the bug seemed to be fixed in this release.

Hope it will fix my problem and also no more bugs in my way :))

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