Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NOVEMBER 29th Status Report

During the last two weeks I have been implementing the C++ client for the Naradabrokering.

First I tried connecting to the broker and establish a connection. It worked and I found that the Java uses BigEndian scheme when they serialize data types where as Intel based architectures use LittleEndian scheme. So when serializing data types like int, long from C++ need to re-arrange the bytes.

Now I am converting the required classes and try to get the message publishing to work from C++.

Converting an existing java application to a C++ application is always not easy as there are many simple utilities that are available in Java and missing in C++.

One of them is the string operations (C++ has string operations, but since we are working with event headers we have to use char operations.

Java code always has the luxury of using different collection classes to keep object references but when it comes to C++ they need to be implemented manfully.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Status Report for 10/18/2006 to 01/11/2006

Implemented a C++ Bridge for Naradabrokering. The project was completed as per the initial requirements and waiting for the feedback.

Started working on the initial steps of my research.