Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hadoop Presentation

Today I did a small presentation on Apache Hadoop

I went though the documentation they have on HDFS, Map-reduce framework, and the Streaming API. I also had to go through the code to understand some of the functionalities in the framework. So far my idea is that the framework is bit more biased towards the text oriented computations. Probably because the initial computations that they use map-reduce are mainly centered on processing large collection of documents (specifically web pages)

Here is my presentation

Friday, April 11, 2008

April 9th Report

Platform shift for the NBC++ Bridge (Linux to Windows)

The HEP solution is taking a new turn by moving on to CherryPy and Windows. This impose a new requirement for the NaradaBrokering's C++ bridge I wrote.
Initially I did the development in Linux platform using g++ compiler. With the new requirement, I had to compile this for Windows based platforms.

Dr. Julian Bunn gave a big help by converting the C++ bridge to a DLL for windows. After doing some debugging, I was able to get NBC++ working on Windows. Another dimension for NaradaBrokering users.

Since it is hard to maintain two code repositories (one for Windows and one for Linux), I decided to merge the two source code repositories. After covering the differences with pre-compiler directives I was able to get the same code working in both Windows and Linux.

Have to finish the documentation and then I can release the new version of NBC++ soon.