Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15th Report

Started working on the C++ Bridge for Nardabrokering.
Current work includes, adding a layer of functions to the bridge so that it can be used to discover agents and rootlet services in architecture comprises of multiple agents and rootlet services.

Started developing the C++ client and then started implementing the agent (java) as it is required to test the C++ client code.

To provide secure agent/rootlet discovery mechanism architecture was discussed that utilize both symmetric and asymmetrical keys. The proposed message exchange pattern for discovering an agent and rootlet service is as follows.

Client ------------------------------------------- Agent

->DiscoverAgentRequest with Client’s credentials.

<- DiscoverAgentResponse encrypted using a secret key
Secret key is encrypted using the Client’s public key
Message is signed using Agent’s Private key
Message contains agents credentials.

->DiscoverRootletRequest with Client’s credentials
Message encrypted using the secret key (Shared during the previous step)
Signed using Client’s Private key

<- DiscoverRootletResponse Message encrypted using the secret key
Signed using the Agent’s Private key

Since we cannot exchange objects in their native serialization form from java and C++ a customer serialization mechanism is designed to transfer data between the clients and agents.

Currently working on getting the security framework working in both java and C++.

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Version of the Spring Semester

January - Diarrhea + Vomiting
- My wife got Chickenpox
February - Chickenpox
- Reactive Arthritis due to chickenpox
- Enlargement in my thyroid gland
March - Went back home
April - Thyroid Surgery
May - Came back to US