Friday, June 19, 2009

High Performance Parallel Computing with Clouds and Cloud Technologies

We compiled the latest results/findings of our research as a paper and submitted to CloudComp2009.
Following is the abstract of the paper.

Infrastructure services (Infrastructure-as-a-service), provided by cloud vendors, allow any user to provision a large number of compute instances fairly easily. Whether leased from public clouds or allocated from private clouds, utilizing these virtual resources to perform data/compute intensive analyses requires employing different parallel runtimes to implement such applications. Among many parallelizable problems, most “pleasingly parallel” applications can be performed using MapReduce technologies such as Hadoop, CGL-MapReduce, and Dryad, in a fairly easy manner. However, many scientific applications, which require complex communication patterns, still require optimized runtimes such as MPI. We first discuss large scale data analysis using different MapReduce implementations and then, we present a performance analysis of high performance parallel applications on virtualized resources.

You can find the draft of the paper here.